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Booking Engines

Online booking engines are a critical element in maintaining your occupancy and your ADR. Phiskal consultants understand the strategies required to optimize these elements. A Phiskal consultant will coach your staff, allocate tasks and monitor usage.

Local & National Business Bookings

It's critical to develop relationships with local and national businesses that house or host staff in your area for conferences and other activities. Phiskal consultants will help staff develop these relationships and maintain secure regular business.

Reputation Management

An ongoing task for your staff should be monitoring and maintaining your online reputation. Phiskal consultants will coach your staff on how to relocate positive reviews on referral sites to minimize the effects of negative reviews and opinions.

Online Marketing

Whether your property is branded or independent, online marketing is an essential component of your marketing efforts. Phiskal consultants ensure that your staff are procedurally aware of how this is done to compliment brand efforts and avoid spam.

Local Events & Conferences

Every year your city hosts hundreds of conferences and other events. Each of these generate business for local properties. Phiskal consultants ensure that your staff is aware of these and monitor and invoke action plans in time to secure business.

Twitter/Facebook & Other Social Networks

Social media is a valuable resource when generating new business and securing repeat business. Phiskal consultants coach your staff on techniques for non-intrusive information gathering and effective marketing using social media techniques.

Staff Coaching

Ongoing coaching of staff on customer service and marketing techniques is an essential component of a successful property. Our consultants offer experience in all aspects of property management, marketing and financial management.

Creating Additional Profit Centers

With the resources that our property network offers, we can guide your staff on the creation of additional profit centers within the rules set by your brand or your management organization. Each property is unique the need for profitability is not.

Staff Coaching!

Our Network of Properties

Phiskal consultants work with a number of properties in your city. Within the scope of our consulting services, we offer a number of benefits that are available because these properties can be presented as a network. When you contract our consulting services, your property will benefit from advertising, bulk room bookings and much more. We represent over 7,500 rooms that we connect with over 250 local businesses, 4,500 national businesses and over 125 local events each year that host 450,000 visitors. We also coach over 400 hotel employees every year at their location and online.

Bulk Bookings

Using our marketing expertise and the power of over 7,500 rooms available, we are able to secure bulk bookings for conferences and events that will benefit your property. We hold the advantage in being able to distribute bulk bookings over a range of properties based on cost and property level requested.

Advertising at Events and Conferences

Months before scheduled events and conferences, organizers distribute information packages to potential participants and visitors. Representing multiple properties our network is able to secure valuable advertising space on those informational packages. Advertising cost savings benefit participating properties.

Marketing & Cross Marketing Partnerships

Properties must always spend their advertising dollars wisely, especially when certain times of the year are slow. Phiskal uses bulk rates and price negotiations to reduce cost and pass those savings to participating properties. This includes cross marketing with other types of local businesses.

Discounted Repair, Maintenance and Servicing

The heavy usage of properties resources and assets leads to wear and tear regardless of your demographic. This is not only true for rooms but lobby areas, pools, gyms and more. With the increased buying power of the Phiskal network, we are able to secure experienced local vendors at reduced costs.

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Marketing Consulting Packages
that match your budget

Part time to Full Time Consultants, Onsite or Virtual.

Phiskal hotel consulting services are designed to be structured for your needs. Whether your property is branded or independent and whether you have a dedicated marketing staff or not, our services are for you. Structured for your budget you can select which services your consultant needs to focus on. Our goal is to raise your profile, improve your customer reach and maximize your profits.

Most properties do not require a full time marketing consultant. Most properties also have staff that perform the basic of marketing offerings. The first task for a Phiskal consultant is to assess your current situation and your immediate needs. Your consultant will then be able to determine how many days a month you will need them to be onsite and how much coaching your staff will require. Each consultant is available through the month by phone and email and will quote pricing based on these needs.

Phiskal consultants provide affordable solutions including some of the following:

Business bookings are profitable and often resource friendly. Corporate business both from local businesses and national businesses attending events or on sales trips are very important to building your reputation and appearing on approved vendor lists. Phiskal consultants can help you build the network necessary to secure these bookings and coach your staff on the skills to maintain relationships necessary to benefit your property on an ongoing basis.
Many properties have a meeting room or conference center that remains empty for most of it's life. Phiskal consultants can coach your staff on how this asset can be a profit center. The techniques for selling this asset differ from those required for the rest of the property. The target demographic and scope of usage can varied but a useful source of income supplementing relationships with other businesses that can bring in additional business for you.
Booking engines can serve as a valuable source of marketing or just another place to post your room rates. Utilizing the marketing exposure that these sites provide requires a carefully crafted strategy involving ongoing management of rates, information and images. Timely updates are critical and dependent on events in your city, time of year and your room availability. A Phiskal consultant can guide your staff on best practices and optimizing usage as well as managing the profitability of reservations that these sites provide.
Targeted social media marketing is an invaluable resource to a successful marketing campaign. In-house marketing staff often use Social Media as a shotgun methodology, putting random information out into the ether and hoping for responses. Phiskal consultants recognize the power of this media as well as how to garner business. Remember this is one of the few marketing channels that are FREE, if used effectively it is a source of new guests and returning guests in both B2B and B2C environments.
Similar to Social Media Marketing, this channel is relatively FREE to use and a well designed campaign with staff who have received the correct coaching, very profitable. Phiskal consultants recognize that we can't make marketing professionals out of your staff, but we can create competent advocates for your property who use the media well and bring in new business. Structural organization aids your marketing and preserves your reputation.
Industry professionals often ask what percentage of content on referral sites is curated. We take the "White Hat" view. We don't encourage you to generate content but do employ methods that encourage positive content. Most referral sites encourage responses to negative contents, we coach your staff on responses and methods that encourage guests with a positive experience to participate in referring your property to others. A structured management of your mentions will increase your exposure and push negatives to the bottom of the page and reduce relevance.
It is a fact of life that a negative experience or opinion is far more likely to appear online than a positive one. Its seems that the locations where these negatives appear are limitless. Phiskal consultants use our own proprietary tool based on Artificial Intelligence engines that actively scour the internet for references to your property. Each search yields either a reference to your property or location where a reference could be helpful. We can then coach your staff in providing responses to the negative posts and encourage guests to post to those locations with positives.
GM's are well aware of how important it is that guests experience the best that their staff have to offer. Coaching staff to not only perform well in their jobs but to be good representatives of your property is essential. Phiskal consultants have experience as property owners, GM's and operators. Their experience in coaching staff for their department and as inter-departmental resources is an important commponent of services provided to you. Ask about our coaching groups and coaching sessions available both onsite and via internet training and make sure your staff are up to par.
Each member of your marketing staff is a valuable contributor to your profits and thus should be considered an asset that requires your continued investment. Ongoing education on current techniques, tools and channels is an important factor in maintaining their knowledge and ensuring that their efforts continue to be effective. Phiskal consultants are experts in all aspects of marketing a property using a diverse selection of channels and can coach your staff to be competitive in both the B2B and B2C environments.
Owners and GM's have a litany of tasks to perform and act as a resource for their staff. Marketing is often a function that is left to the experts and under scrutinized on a regular basis. Phiskal consultants provide a significant baseline of organization for your marketing staff. With task scheduling and results assessments, your marketing will be competitive and results oriented. We know what your staff should be focusing on and what tasks may be minimally productive. Let us help.
With experience as owners, GM's and operations officers, Phiskal consultants are able to provide ongoing training for managers from the GM to Housekeeping. We have worked with some of the top brands and know what a guest expects and what the brand expects from the management team. With extensive training both onsite and via the internet, we help build knowledge, confidence and experience so that your staff is the most knowledgeable and best equipped to handle any situation without constant supervision and with smart knowledge based decisions skills.
Cost minimalization techniques are employed by every property management team in order to ensure the profitability of their property. Phiskal consultants offer their expertise in this area and in techniques that maximize profitability. Our consultants are always aware that profitability is influenced not only by cost cutting but also effective marketing, maximizing profit centers and improving customer services to encourage repeat business.
Phiskal consultants recognize that properties need to optimize their profitability by embracing all the opportunities available to keep business and consumer guest bases informed of pricing, offers and services . This involves cross marketing within your area, city wide and within the industry. Importantly however it is also essential to maximize exposure through local and national associations and groups. Our consultants have experience, knowledge and contact information that can help your property become a part of these organizations.
In an effort to maximize profitability, property managers take steps to minimize cost, improve marketing and increase services. Additionally, Phiskal consultants can guide managers on exploring complimentary techniques that improve existing profit centers such as meeting areas, expensed amenities and mutually beneficial B2B relationships within the industry and within the local geographical space. This includes vacation destinations and timelined events that emphasize geographical exclusivity.
Brand interactions are a part of the life of a GM/Owner. With regular inspections, availability of branded products and presentation of the brand to guests, interfacing with brand representatives can be intensely time consuming. With extensive experience of some of the most well known brands in the industry, Phiskal consultants have experience of what can be negotiated and what can be best serve the needs of the property. We can help negotiate deals, manage inspection timelines and optimize your benefits.
Phiskal consultants offer extensive experience in the financial responsibilities that a property faces. From dealing with local taxes, interfacing with banking institutions to securing financing, our consultants can offer advice, knowledge and resources that will optimize your ability to manage the financial success of your property while preserving your flexibility and ability to maximize your profits.

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